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Meet Cornerstone

Meet The Founders


Amy Matecki, MD LAc.

Hello! I am a cofounder of Cornerstone Medicine. I practice both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I studied at Qingdao Medical College before moving to California in 1994.


Lori Shore-Mouratoff, MD

Hello! I am a cofounder of Cornerstone Medicine. I studied at University of California, San Diego Medical School and the recipient of the U.S. Department of Navy Special Act Award for my years of work. 

Cornerstone Integrative Medicine

Cornerstone Integrative Medicine

Why Naturopathy

Why Us?

We can help with


Nutritious food is a key part of a well-balanced lifestyle. We take a food first approach to chronic illness.

Disease Prevention

We teach healthy lifestyle tips, look for early symptoms, and modify your risk factors to prevent illness and keep you enjoying life.


Chemicals, heavy metals, and mold can be the root cause of illness. With specialized testing, we can diagnose and gently remove toxins for better health.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs were often used in the past to improve the immunity and health of many people. We use these herbs to amplify the effects of our unique and effective treatment.

Patient Education

We aim to explain every step of the process to leave you more knowledgable. 


Acupuncture uses very fine needles to affect a positive change in your overall health and can relieve many common symptoms such as headache, nausea, and muscle pain.


"I had another kidney stone. Acupuncture with Dr. Shore took the pain away. It worked! Now I follow her advice on how to prevent further stones from forming. I'm so glad I called for help."

— Afsaneh Nazari


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